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The Adelaide Pistol & Shooting Club Inc (APSC) was founded in 1933 and has operated from several different sites since that time.

Today APSC is situated at Korunye where the facilities are some of the best in South Australia. Facilities good enough to host the Pistol Australia National Competitions.

We have ranges designed and equipped to facilitate all types of pistol shooting from the Olympic Matches (centrefire, rapidfire etc) to the more action oriented matches of International 1920 and IPSC. There is a complete western village designed for the Single Action (Cowboy) matches. World Association 1500 and Service Pistol matches are shot regularly.

There is a shotgun range where regular “clay” shooting matches are held.

There is insufficient space to detail all of the features of APSC in this introduction, more information is available within this web site.

Come and see for yourself – You will always be welcome.


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